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The staff at Jenny Silks was so helpful – they made placing my order very easy, and made great suggestions that I did not even think of.”   Claire from California

“When my flowers arrived, I could tell that they were not straight from the manufacturer. There was obvious care that had been taken prior to shipping.”  Tony from Florida

“My office has been completely transformed by my plants from Jenny Silks. It was cold and sterile but now it is so warm and inviting – my clients even seem happier!”  Janice from Texas

“My secretary was away when my Jenny Silks tree arrived. When she saw it she asked how often it should be watered… it looks that real!”  Kevin from Nevada

“I was very skeptical to order silk flowers online, but I could not be happier with the quality and look of my beautiful new centerpiece.” Theresa from Ohio

“We had our home for sale for six months with lots of looks but no offers. After staging our home with plants from Jenny Silks, we had an offer in two weeks!”  Al and Sue from California

“I knew exactly what kind of bouquet I wanted for my wedding. My sister suggested Jenny Silks and Jenny and her staff put together exactly what I was looking for, plus it will last forever!”  Stephanie from California

“With my severe allergies, I have never been able to have plants or flowers in my house. Thanks to Jenny Silks, my house has become a home and I am allergy free.”  Denise from Colorado

“My ficus tree from Jenny Silks is exceptional. My living room has transformed and I am constantly complimented on my silk tree – that everyone thinks is real!” Mischa from Arizona

“My mother-in-law loves orchids, but has never had success with growing them. I got her a spectacular silk orchid from Jenny Silks for her birthday, and she has ordered two more since!”  Anita from Oregon


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