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Seven Phalaenopsis Silk Orchids with Succulents in Natural Wood Bowl

Seven Phalaenopsis Silk Orchids with Succulents in Natural Wood Bowl
Model: 59B
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Price: $579.99 ea.
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Inspired by the grandeur of mystique of the ancient gardens of Babylon, this intricate design features 7 stems of artificial Cream Beautry Phalaenopsis Silk Orchids wrapping gently around Bamboo Stalks and planted in a garden of gorgeious artificial Succulents. Wispy Grasses and delicate Fern Tendrils add movement and interest to this design. The Natural Wood Bowl finishes off the design with a mystical and venerable touch, evoking the wonder of ancient civilizations past.

Part of our Real Touch line, this product utilizes the latest liquid polymer technology to produce the most realistic and lifelike artificial plants available. Like the name suggests, come up close, touch them and you'll still be guessing if the flowers are real or artificial. Our Real Touch flowers are one of a kind, only using the highest quality silk flowers AND they are cleanable! Simply use a brush to wipe the dust off and a damp paper towel to remove any remaining debris.

  • Flower Color: Cream Beauty
  • Natural Wood Bowl
  • 30" H x 26"W x 22" D

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