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The meaning of flowers

The meaning behind types of flowers

Whether you intend to give or receive flowers this Valentine’s day, you may be interested in knowing the meaning of popular flowers.  After all, you should know what the message is that you are giving or getting.  If you would like the message to stay alive long after Valentine’s Day has passed, consider these options in a silk flower bouquet or arrangement.

1.  Red roses are perhaps the number one choice for Valentine’s Day flowers.  Symbolizing love, beauty, romance and perfection, this flower is the perfect choice for the love of your life.  These flowers also have the reputation of being expensive, adding to the romance of exclusivity that is expressed through roses.

2.  Gerbera Daisies
Daisies are known for meaning innocence, beauty and purity.  The Gerbera variety comes in a wide range of vibrant colors with a contrasting middle.  This flower is another popular Valentine bloom.

3.  Tulips
Tulips are recognized around the world for representing perfect love.  They come in an array of colors from rich reds to bright yellows and everything in between.  They convey warmth and comfort, and are always appreciated on Valentine’s Day.

4.  Peruvian Lilies
This native South American flower, officially known as Alstroemeria, holds the meaning of friendship and devotion.  Their beautiful lavender leaves and contrasting yellow centers, along with multiple blooms per stem make an impressive bouquet of color.

5.  Casa Blanca Lilies
These exquisite and expensive white lilies typically stand for class, beauty and refined style.  These would be given on Valentine’s Day by someone who knows his partner well, as they would be especially appreciated by someone with exclusive taste.

6.  Orchids
Orchids represent love, beauty, strength and luxury.  They also posses an exotic flare indicating passion.  Not your typical Valentine’s Day flower, but beautiful and meaningful none-the-less.

7.  Carnations
These hardy blooms represent new love and fascination.  They come in every color under the rainbow, including those that are modified in color using colored water techniques.  These flowers are affordable, but no less enjoyable.

8.  Sunflowers
Warmth and happiness exude from these blossoms.  They come in a wide range of sizes spreading their rich yellow petals toward the sun.  These flowers are perfect for expressing friendship, gratitude, and love.

9.  Irises
Known internationally for faith and hope, these flowers provide perfect accents to other brightly colored flowers. In some regions, the deep purple variety of iris signifies royalty.

10.  Peony
These large blooms represent healing, life, happy marriage and satisfying life.  These would most likely be given to someone in a stable, long lived relationship.  They come in a wide array of colors with a full petal structure.

These are just a few of the wide range of flowers that you could send or receive this Valentine season.  Keep the feeling throughout the year and send silk flowers from www.silkplantsforever.com, where they can customize your arrangement to the sentiment that you would like to send.

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