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Is it real or fake?

Man made flowers of days gone by conjure up images in our minds of stiff, plastic flowers adorned by misshapen plastic stems and flocked with one tone green frayed ‘leaves.’  None of these accents really resembled an actual flower.  Modern technology has advanced so that now fake flowers contain a wide variety of items to fit pretty much all styles, tastes, and budgets, from your incredibly cost conscious to your most discerning floral enthusiasts.

One of the most popular and authentic looking types of fake flowers today, are silk flora crafted from fabric materials, dried branches, maintained types and more. By taking pieces of nature and combining it with man made elements, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference even upon close inspection of the artificial succulent.

Compared with fresh flowers which will only last one to two weeks, silk flowers may continue to be smooth and hold their particular hues brilliant for quite a few years. As an added benefit, silk flowers do not require water or sunlight so anyone can put them within just about any type of container in almost any area.  Silk flowers are an ideal choice for someone with allergies, curious pets, or even someone with a notoriously ‘brown thumb’. Silk flowers can be crafted in many sizes and also forms as the stem is usually made out of wire or real wood, and personalized arrangement can be created by switching or adding different silk flowers.

Visual interest is a big advantage to the silk flowers of today.  By mixing several different layers of texture and color, not only does it resemble it’s counterpart in nature, but one’s eye is drawn to these inspired works of art instinctively.  Even exotic flowers such as the Bird of Paradise take on a stunning year round appearance in any room of your home.

Other than an occasional dusting or cleaning, silk flower arrangements are relatively maintenance free plants that will hold their beauty and lure for years to come, opposed to real flower arrangements that droop and fade in only a few days time.  Some modern arrangements include a clear vase in which you can see the stems soaking in a pool of ‘water.’  This water illusion creates even more question in the viewers mind as to whether the flowers are real or artificial flowers.

Fake trees, plants, and flowers can be found in all different shapes and sizes, just as in nature.  Not only do they require little care, but they will never outgrow their container or need to be moved to a different area due to environmental needs.  You choose the size and color you desire and place them where you want them.  A versatile silk tree could work well in a living area, bedroom or office.  A colorful artificial silk orchid flower arrangement makes a great dining room centerpiece or colorful accent to an end table.

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