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Orchids – real vs. silk

If you are considering having orchids as house plants, there are some general tips on caring for them to consider, prior to purchasing.  Silk orchids make a great alternative to the real, as they are almost maintenance free and are always in bloom.  Silk orchids of today look and even feel real, making it very difficult for those who do not know to tell the difference.  Read on for more information on the benefits of silk orchids when considering raising real orchids.
Different species of orchid flowers have different blooming cycles. One type of orchid may bloom once a year and another may bloom several times. Very few types of orchids bloom continuously or year round. The blooms also last for different lengths of time. The Phalenopsis orchid plant is one of the most common types of orchid that people choose to grow. It can adapt to indoor conditions, given the proper light, fertilizer, and moisture. When the Phalaenopsis blooms the flowers can stay open for a few weeks to three months with optimum care.  This cycle can repeat two to three times per year under the proper conditions.
Orchid plants need air to circulate at the root of the plant so proper watering and drainage is very important to the overall health of the plant. Regular potting soil does not allow for proper water drainage in orchids. They should be planted in sphagnum moss. The proper pot must also be used to grow healthy orchids.  Generally, they need to be watered one or two times per week. Summer heat may require you to water every four or five days and with less heat your orchid will need a lesser amount of water. If the blooms fall or leaves droop, less water (or more drainage) is required.  By planting in moss, waterings can be less frequent, but the plant will need to be checked often as temperature and humidity can greatly affect the moisture needs of orchids.
Different species of orchids require different amounts of light.  In their natural, tropical environment, orchids receive a filtered amount of sun and shade growing on the rain forest floor.  An orchid is an epiphyte, which means that it grows from the trunk of a tree rather than soil.  They are adapted to drawing moisture from the air and nutrients from the main trunk of the tree.  These things must be compensated and considered when growing an orchid indoors.
If you do not have a green thumb, or the time and patience to grow a natural orchid, silk orchid plants are a great choice.  At www.silkplantsforever.com there is a large selection of orchids to choose from, so that you can add their elegance to any room of your home.  With silk orchids, there is no worry of sun, water or fertilizing and you have the added bonus that they are always in bloom.  With the Real Touch collection, even the petals and leaves feel like they are straight from the rainforest.

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